Here you will find events happening in the canton, the barony and other nearby baronies. Please see the respective hosting branch’s website for further information

May 2019

4-5          Coronation                                            Barony of Dragonsspine

18            Brewer’s Fest and Social                     Barony of Unser Hafen

19            Mayday                                                 Barony of Dragonsspine

24-27       Jocivus                                                   Barony of Caerthe   


June 2019

1          Outlands Heralds and Scribes Symposium     Canton of Hawks Hollow

7-9      Dragonspine Champions                          Barony of Dragonsspine

29    Unser Hafen Champions & Baronial Investiture Barony of Unser Hafen

July 2019

9-14     Battlemoor X                                            Kingdom of the Outlands